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CBD Herbal Spray Reviews

The world is filled with scammers and manufacturers who only wish to earn money by providing doubtful and fast made products. Of course, it is not valid for all cases, but I want to point out some quite debatable aspects regarding the effectiveness of CBD Herbal Spray.

Ever heard of it? If not, well you are in for a treat! This spray is produced by Herbal Renewals, a brand which, frankly, inspires no trust at all, because all the information you can find about them is redundant and foggy. They are quite new on the market, and this is the main reason due to which their statements of having a lot of experience in making only the best CBD products are quite doubtful.

This whole CBD matter is kind of new within the scientific field so how come anybody could say that they have a great experience in producing only safe and good such products? Maybe it is just me, but you should think a little about, especially if you are considering giving their products a try.

What’s the deal with CBD Herbal Spray?

As the name itself tells it, the product is a spray claiming to consists of the highest CBD concentrations available on the present market. Hmm.. that is a bold statement because the product’s official website does not provide any argument to back up this.  We need arguments and scientific background, dear manufacturers. We can’t just buy a product only because you say that it is the best.

So we have a lot of CBD in it, and that sounds great because cannabidiol is indeed a challenging and promising subject that could revolutionize the medicine field, at least this is what studies reveal up until this moment. What should make anyone have some doubts about it is that this product, apart from consisting of CBD amounts, it also brings along other ingredients, such as salvia extract and some natural flavors, just to hide that kind of bitter taste that plain CBD oil usually has.

They even provide either vanilla or peppermint flavor, and we all know what this means: additional flavoring ingredients. The thing is that CBD Herbal Spray’s manufacturers only talk about some natural flavors that they have added, but what these are we will never know. Maybe we should ask for Scooby Doo and his gang’s help for solving this mystery.

I honestly believe that it is not fair at all to state that your product consists of CBD and advertise it as such when it brings along also other ingredients which kind of make reconsider buying it or not.

“No known side effects”

This is one of the parts that I “liked” the most: “no known side effects…” So it is like we, the manufacturers are not aware of any bad effects that this product may have, but we are not 100% sure. Yes, I know, nothing is sure on this world, but keep it clean, people. Say the truth and stop praising a product that is only in the beginning. Try instead bringing all the existing studies made on this substance, cannabidiol that is, and give up all those marketing phrases that only do you harm, in some way or another.

People need honesty because they are just tired of wasting money on scam products that bring no effects at all. For instance, manufacturers say that this spray should be applied twice each day on your tongue. Ok, everything good until here, but what shall we do with all the healthy oral cavity flora that might be disturbed by your product’s ingredients? Or maybe it will not be the case, but these are information that you need to provide for your clients because not everybody got the chance to study such matters.

The fun and easy to use bottle seems to be the best point of CBD Herbal Spray

So I noticed that on the product’s official website manufacturers are always mentioning how easy and fun the bottle can be used. I mean, come on! We all know what it’s like to use a spraying bottle, so where is the fun in that? I agree that spraying is much easier than using a traditional bottle with a pipette attached to it, but I simply do not see the need to mention this several times, as they do.   

There are some low points in the way they made their web site’s content, so this is the reason due to which the product may just be like other millions of CBD product available on the market. I mean you can easily see how many such products come forward with the same aspects mentioned in their descriptions because what more can you say about CBD, especially because researchers are still testing and experimenting it.

cbd crystals

Another thing which I really think manufacturers should have talked about is detailing what happens after you stop using it. They say you will feel calm and relaxed, but at the same time it is not FDA approved, so it is not intended to cure or heal. I agree that it may help you while you are using it, but if you stop and you have to face other stressful moments, does this mean that you will have to turn to it again? They talk about not giving you any addiction, but nothing more than this.

All in all, I am not trying to burry this product, I am just pointing out that manufacturers should pay more attention to all the information that their potential clients are provided with. We need scientific proves, people!

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