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Cognifocus Reviews: Finding The Best Nootropic is No Easy Task

Cognifocus is a nootropic supplement that aims to “put the key in your cognition.” It claims to improve the performance of your brain, which starts to lose sharpness close to the age of 30 years.

The supplement promises to provide beneficial effects that include improved memory recall, level of focus and energy levels.

The manufacturer claims that the supplement takes effect immediately after the intake, the user noticing an instant improvement of its mental energy.

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What is CogniFocus?

This supplement is supposed to improve your focus and mental acuity, without the headaches, nervousness, and tremor that other supplements offer as side effects.

The product includes 150mg of caffeine, which is approximately the same amount contained in an average energy drink.

How Does CogniFocus Work?

The manufacturer claims that their product is activated in maximum 30 minutes after the intake of a CogniFocus capsule, “you will enjoy a reinvigorating energy boost that lasts for hours.”

Also, it seems that the energy boost provided by the product is felt more natural, in comparison with that offered by the coffee. Also, it does not include unhealthy sugars that are found in energy drinks and soda.

Undoubtedly, caffeine is CogniFocus’s most active ingredient. According to the company, the actual difference between this caffeine content and coffee resides in the use of “whole green coffee beans” that include a substance called chlorogenic acid, which cannot be found in the regular coffee.

The chlorogenic acid disappears at the moment the coffee beans are roasted, which means you are deprived of the benefits when drinking a normal coffee.

1645mg of the supplement consists of WGCP blend, which contains the chlorogenic acid.

What is the WGCP Blend?

WGCP is the abbreviation for whole green coffee bean, and the WGCP includes every single component found in green coffee beans that are not part of the final coffee product.

WGCP is a trademarked formula that features multiple ingredients such as chlorogenic acid, fiber, dicaffeoylquinic acid, feruloylquinic acid, neochlorogenic acid, and natural caffeine.

According to a study conducted by The Cleveland Clinic, WGCP provides the following benefits:

  • no adverse side effects or crash
  • lasting mental focus, energy and acuity
  • healthy and lasting weight loss benefits

This formula three by a company named GoBean and is included in numerous weight loss products, including protein bars, powders, and diet pills.

Aside from that one study, there is no other evidence to suggest that the formula is useful. Another problem with it is that it includes its natural caffeine content.  It’s not very clear if that caffeine completes the caffeine in CogniFocus (150mg) or if there is even more caffeine added.

In case there is more than 150mg of caffeine in each pill of CogniFocus, then this supplement is a strong caffeine pill.

CogniFocus Ingredients

As you already know, almost the entire formula consists of the WGCP Blend, while there is also 150 mg of caffeine added.

Since WGCP is a proprietary formula, we don’t have access to the ingredients inside it.

Another problem consists of the fact CogniFocus’s serving size is 3 capsule, which means 10 servings in one container. If you follow the company’s recommended serving size, the $56 container will be enough for ten days, which means that you will have to spend $150 per month.

CogniFocus Pricing

CogniFocus is available for purchasing exclusively online and comes in four different options:

  • 1 Bottle: $56
  • 3 Bottles: $96
  • 5 Bottles: $126
  • 7 Bottles: $156

When you enter the website, don’t get tricked by the timer counting down the seconds until the “only eight remaining” deal expires.

All purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Should You Choose CogniFocus?

Its primary active ingredient is caffeine, and you’re paying for an extremely expensive caffeine pill. If you do your best, you will find other options that are more affordable and with more reliable evidence.

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