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Nutrisystem: How to Eat Right and Lose Weight?

Losing weight is more than just about looking good, it is mostly about being healthy. The eating habits are usually the main reason why we gain weight. Being always on the run leaves little time to prepare a healthy meal, and after a while, things get out of control. Diets might bring the desired results, but a restrictive meal plan can’t be followed forever, and the moment you stop following that diet to the letter you risk putting back double the weight you lost. The best way of regaining control over the weight is to have a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy and diverse meals and constant physical exercises.

Obesity and diabetes are two of the most common health problems worldwide right now because it’s not easy to figure out on your own what exactly you should eat and how much, to be healthy and not gain extra weight. Nutrisystem is a relatively new lifestyle program created to help you learn how to eat to lose weight and improve the health. It offers four different diet plans: Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours and Vegetarian so you can choose the one most suited to your needs. Also, these meal plans are adapted for people with diabetes.

Drastic changes are challenging to make but eating right doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless. On the contrary, with Nutrisystem, you will get to enjoy delicious meals while learning that the portion size is the key to a fit body shape. If you have tried different solutions to lose weight and failed, you should learn more about this program and decide if it’s worth a try.

The motivation and support system you need

Making life adjustments to lose weight is not a natural process, and the people behind Nutrisystem know this very well. That is why, in addition to various meal plans, it offers the much-needed support and guidance for its clients. Those who have questions about this program or just want to hear some motivational advice will have free phone access to a team of dieticians and weight loss counselors.

Because the results of these eating plans are based on the balance and the size of the meals, Nutrisystem also offers specific tools to help its clients track easier what and when they eat by downloading an app on the phone or just log in to a personal account. Here, one gets access to a full database of foods, thousands of inspiring recipes, fitness recommendations, and daily logs for meals and weight changes.

The first order you place for Nutrisystem eating plan comes with free expert guides such as a quick start guide which explains everything you need to know about losing weight and making healthy life-changing decisions, a dining out guide which teaches you what to eat when you go out with your friends without breaking the results you achieved and a daily tracker where you can write down your meals and activities, so you can review whenever necessary.

What to expect from Nutrisystem?

An US-based company created Nutrisystem meal plans with the same name and with headquarters in Fort Washington. The main concept of the project is that losing weight is a lot easier if you are guided by an expert who knows how to manage and prepare your meals and also it decides the size of each portion before sending them to you with instructions on when to eat them. If followed correctly, Nutrisystem eating plan keeps your calories intake under control, and in the end, the results will be noticeable. According to the specialists, women should expect to lose up to 13 pounds and men up to 15 pounds on the scale and 7 inches in size within one month if they stick to the program.

The successful formula of Nutrisystem is based on scientific data, and it has three essential aspects: portion size, balanced nutrition, and frequency.

  • Smaller portions – You no longer have to keep track of the calories because the size of your meals is pre-established by dieticians
  • The right combination of nutrients – Finding the right mix of foods to keep your body’s functions at optimum levels is also a science that you don’t have to worry about anymore.
  • Eat every few hours – Because the size of the meals is smaller now; you are allowed to eat with a frequency of 2 or 3 hours. This way there is no time for you to feel hungry and the body doesn’t run out of energy.
Sounds good, but what do you have to do to get the Nutrisystem plan? All you have to do is choose the plan you consider it fits your needs and select your favorite items from the menu. Soon you will have them delivered to your doorstep. Regardless of the plan you choose, they all have certain things in common. The program lasts four weeks, and you have planned six meals daily which include fruits and vegetables. During this time you are expected to learn to prepare your meals and make healthy choices when you go out because you are allowed at least four flex meals. The average weight loss expected ranges between 1 and 2 pounds each week. The most important part is that you don’t get to eat the same thing every day as there are more than 120 different foods with no artificial preservatives and trans fat, but rich in fibers and proteins which will make you feel full for longer and also keep the energy level constant throughout the day. Of course, you are encouraged to include in the daily routine continuous physical exercises of moderate intensity.

Lose weight while eating right

Because we are different and our daily activity is different it only seems reasonable to have different needs when it comes to eating. Nutrisystem is a revolutionary concept which offers a personalized eating plan for everyone. The idea of this program is simple, and it makes sense as it is all about the portion size. You get to eat various foods which taste great, but all you have to do is control the amount. The diet plans are based on proteins and “good” carbs from whole grains and vegetables. They play a significant role in the process of losing weight because the body digests them slowly so the hunger sensation will be easier to control.

As mentioned before there are four meal options available for those interested in a new approach to weight loss:

  • The Basic plan is the most affordable option of them all. This pack contains six meals per day, and they come in the form of a pre-selected kit with ready to go foods. To notice results, you should go through with the entire four weeks plan, and you will get free delivery through FedEx if you reside in the USA. As a bonus for 2018, Nutrisystem will add to your order, free of change, the new Turbo 13 program with new bars, boosters, and
  • The Core plan is the most popular meal option of Nutrisystem. Unlike The Basic option, which has a pre-established menu for you, The Core version of the plan offers you the possibility to choose the foods you like from a selection of over 100 different foods. The program also lasts for a month, but also, it gives you access to unlimited support from a team of dieticians and weight loss counselors who will offer you guidance whenever you need. Tools and trackers of your progress are another bonus included in the Core option. If you live in The States, the foods will be delivered to your doorstep by FedEx with no charge. Another reason which makes this option worth its money is the new Turbo 13 program offered for free in 2018.
  • The Uniquely Yours plan is the most complex of all four. It has everything available in the Core version, but also, it gives you complete menu freedom. You have access to over 150 meals and snack options, and you can customize your plan with all the frozen foods you want. If you choose this version of the Nutrisystem, you won’t get the Turbo 13 bonus, but honestly, you won’t need, considering the other benefits it has. As long as you live in the US, you get free delivery.
  • The Vegetarian meal plan is the go-to option for those how to cut out of their meals any type of product with an animal origin. It is also approved by dieticians and packed with the same essential nutrients as the other meal plans such as fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins to keep you feeling full and healthy. You can choose the pre-selected menu or customize your meals with over 90 vegan Clients also get unlimited access to counselors and tracking tools to monitor their progress. On US soil the meals are shipped for free.
What about that Turbo 13 program you get for free? This is a new and intense weight loss program which promises to help you shed up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in one month.  The pack you receive for free on your first order of the Basic or Core plans contains seven shakes designed to reduce the belly fat. Women will receive Turbo Shaker and men you get Nutri-Pro Shakers. The pack also includes 7 bars of Nutri Curb which help you control your hunger and the cravings and 7 Turbo boosters to speed up your metabolism. This offer is limited to one per customer and only for the complete four weeks orders.

Eat delicious foods and keep diabetes under control

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems associated with overweight. People dealing with both issues have to be extra careful with everything they put on the plate. Nutrisystem D is the best option for those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and who feel like they have lost the battle. Not only the meal plans of this program will help you lose weight, but doctors approve them. This unique program was designed to offer balanced nutrition, which will control the hunger and also the blood sugar level. Within four weeks the values of A1c and total cholesterol should get lower. The Nutrisystem D also offers three types of plans to choose from, but regardless of your personal option, they all have some things in common. You are supposed to eat every 2 or 3 hours so your blood sugar levels won’t spike, you will not go over 1200 – 1500 calories per day, and you will have lean protein, fibers, and healthy fats.  Bottom line, these low-glycemic plans were created by a team of experts to help diabetic people lose weight safely and efficiently.

Just like the simple Nutrisystem meal plans, the diabetic version has three options available to choose from according to your needs and budget:

  • The Basic Diabetes plan is the one with the lowest price, and it offers a complete 4-week plan with pre-established main courses breakfast, lunch, dinner and extra snacks. Because Nutrisystem D understands that your medical condition is challenging, it offers unlimited access to an expert team of Certified Diabetes Educators and counselors to guide you through this challenging As a bonus, you get free tracking tools to help you keep evidence of your health evolution, and the meals are delivered for free in the United States.
  • The Core Diabetes plan has the same benefits of the Basic D, but it gives you the chance to chose the foods you like from a list of products specially selected to keep the blood sugar level under control. For a small price difference, you can make sure you eat different meals each time so you won’t feel like you are on a diet.
  • The Uniquely Yours meal plan is the most complex option in the Nutrisystem D as well. You get all the things The Core D has but this time you have full access to the 145 list of food selection, and you are free to include in your menu as many frozen foods as you want.

What happens when the program is done?

This is a common concern for those who think that they need constant support and supervision to keep their weight under control. The revolutionary concept behind both Nutrisystem and Nutrisystem D is the idea to teach you how to keep eating healthy on your own. Regardless of the meal plan you chose, at a certain point, you are encouraged to go out with friends and enjoy a meal in a restaurant. The purpose of these exercises is for you to verify your knowledge on what kind of foods to eat and how much.

Nutrisystem is more than a diet; it tries to become a lifestyle so you will keep losing weight and eat healthy for the rest of your life. It aims to teach about portion control and making the right choices when it comes to groceries. Also, you get unlimited access to a team of experts who will guide you through the weight loss process and even though the transition process so you can trust your decisions and continue living a healthy life.

Learning to eat right is only part of the transformation process. You are also encouraged to include in the daily routine at least 10 minutes of physical exercises. This way, not just the extra pounds melt away faster, but also the blood sugar level remains steady. The weight loss counselors will teach you how to find the right kind of workout for you so it will be a fun activity and not feel like a chore.

Is it guaranteed it will work?

If by now you have tried all the diets and weight loss plans you have heard off and all of them failed to bring the much-expected results, regardless of how hard you have worked, don’t give up yet and take one more chance with the Nutrisystem weight loss program. This is an affordable diet delivery plan which is gaining more and more popularity, especially in the USA. What kind of results should one person expect from a program that doesn’t cost too much? It is promised to help you lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in one month, and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund. The manufacturer offers you 30 days to notice changes in your body, and if you are not satisfied, you can call customer service and get your money back. Buy the Nutrisystem meals from the official website to make sure you pay for the original products.

Bottom line – before giving up on your dream of being fit and healthy you should try this program as well. It is affordable, and it works to teach you how to make good choices on your own. When this is over, you don’t have to invest more money as you will have free expert guidance to gain the knowledge on how to make the best decisions.

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