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Zetaclear Review: Nail Fungus Remover

Zetaclear is a topical and homeopathic treatment for toenail and finger fungus. The procedure is a two-step treatment which combines a spray and a topical nail solution which promises to treat nail fungus quickly and efficiently by treating the fungus, strengthening the nail and eliminating the yellow coloration. The spray is used internally while the topical solution is applied on the nail, and together these treatments promise to get rid of the nasty toenail fungus.

Nail fungus signs and symptoms

Nail fungus starts as a yellow or white coloration of the nail right under the tip of the nail. As the fungus progresses, the nail will discolor, get thicker, change its shape, separate from the nail bed and even crumble at the edges. The fungus can affect one or more nails, the fungus can be painful and cause a lot of discomforts, but it can also be harmless, and it can even go unnoticed. Nail fungus is an infection caused by a fungus, but yeasts and molds can also cause it.


What are Zetaclear and its ingredients

Zetaclear is a treatment for nail fungus which contains a homeopathic spray which is applied in the mouth to treat the infection from the inside and a topical solution which is used on the nail to treat the fungus from the outside by working under the nail and on the skin that surrounds the nail. The two steps system is unique among nail fungus treatments and the fact that it works from both the inside and outside can make it more efficient in killing the fungus and not only getting rid of some symptoms.

The ingredients found in this unique treatment are mostly natural and used in homeopathy. One of the ingredients is Antimonium Crudum is a mineral which was discovered centuries ago, and it is used to treat nail and skin diseases, skin infections and rashes, toothaches, digestive issues and even gout.

The second ingredient is Arsenicum album which is considered a polycrest which means it can be used for any system and organ of the body and both for chronic and acute issues. It is used to treat skin conditions, eyes issues, anxiety, asthma, diarrhea, flu, stomach issues and many other diseases but in this homeopathic treatment is used for its ability to inhibit fungal growth.

Mancinella is another ingredient which is extracted from a plant that eliminates a milky white sap which contains phorbol a potent skin irritant, but if used correctly it can treat parasitic skin diseases. Sulfur is also found in the homeopathic spray, and this is because it has many health benefits which include treating the symptoms of arthritis like pain, swelling and it is also effective in treating skin diseases like psoriasis, acne, eczema, warts and many others.

Thujа Ocidentalis or “the tree of life” can reduce pain, it can be used as a remedy for acute bronchitis, and it can get rid of warts and infections.

Nіtrісum Aсіdum helps restore circulation to the nail and fight the disease quicker and more efficiently.

The topical solution is also a mix of many natural ingredients which include:

  • Undecylenic acid which is used to treat fungal skin infections and other skin diseases and it is recommended to be used only on the skin;
  • The next ingredient is Tea tree oil which is used to treat a large variety of issues like acne, bacterial infections, cold sores, fungal infections, psoriasis, sunburns, itchy insect bites and the list goes on;
  • Citronella oil is also on the list of ingredients, and this is why: it is a powerful antibacterial substance, an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory substance, it has fungicidal properties, it is an insect repellant and many other benefits;
  • Jojoba Oіl is used for its properties to moisturize and heal the skin, it treats, acne, psoriasis, and many other benefits;
  • Clove oil is used to treat infections, boosts the immune system, it alleviates stress, headaches, it’s used in skin care and many other fields;
  • Almond Oil also has a lot of benefits on overall health but in this product, it is used for its properties to make the skin look wonderful, hydrated and it is also good for sensitive skin;
  • Lavender oil can be used to treat burns, wounds, it can treat acne, treat psoriasis, eczema, and repairs the skin;
  • Vitamin E Oil is the last ingredient on the list which prevents skin deterioration, prevents wrinkles, gets rid of brown spots, and it is a powerful moisturizer.

Where to buy and customer opinions

Zeta clear is considered one of the top products when it comes to getting rid of nail fungus, and it seems at in many years it has won a reputation for its effectiveness. The manufacturer of this product is Santrinico Enterprises, and Pacific Naturals is the distributor of the product. The products can be bought online, and online opinions are mostly positive because, to be honest, there is no product efficient in 100 percent of cases.

Side effects and precautions

This product is a homeopathic treatment, and this means it contains only natural ingredients. This all-natural content leads to a product which is free from side effects, or at least no serious side effects have been reported by the manufacturer and people who used the product. The topical solution causes the only possible side effects, and they include burns, redness and potential irritation. Children, pregnant or nursing mothers and people under prescription medication should avoid the product or consult a doctor before they consider using it.


This product shows a lot of promise because of its all natural formula and because of the unique two steps. The opinions of most customers are positive, and the fact that no serious side effects have been reported is a plus. The product seems to be an excellent choice to get rid of the nasty nail fungus from both the inside and the outside.


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